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Fydris Live | GitHub

Tetris clone with high-scores.

Websarum Live | GitHub

Particle simulation using WebGL to simulate millions of particles real=time.

Nickle Live | GitHub

Wordle clone with online high-scores.

Tendryl Live

Web-based generative art tool.

Phile GitHub

Temporary file storage server in node.js.

NiSPer GitHub | Live

CPU Emulation SPA written with 0 dependencies.

Shmap Glitch (code) | Glitch (live)

Web app to plot Shodan results on an interactive map.

Raycaster Live

Build a level then run around it in first person.

Rubik's Cube Live

Experimental browser-based Rubik's Cube.

Fydrechip GitHub

Chip-8 virtual machine / emulator written in C++.

Kogin Live

Line based vector drawing program. Built for creating Kogin patterns.

Quadboids Live

Flocking simulation using the boids algorithm. Uses a quadtree for optimisation.

Ruler Live

Ruler that can be calibrated to your monitor and allows you to create accurately sized rectangles.